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Wall Mould is one of the leading manufacturer of precast concrete walls for a wide range of commercial, industrial, & residential projects.

Who We Are

About Wallmould

Wallmould. is a leading provider of precast concrete products, specializing in precast walls. We are committed to delivering high quality, durable, and cost effective solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Founded in the late 90’s, we have over three decades of experience in the precast concrete industry. Our journey began with a small team of dedicated professionals who shared a vision of transforming the construction industry through innovative precast solutions.


Our Business



Design and Consultation

We work with clients to understand their needs and provide design solutions for precast walls. This could include choosing the right type of wall, size, color, and texture.



The company manufactures precast walls in a controlled environment. This ensures high quality and consistency in product strength & durability!


Delivery and Installation

The company delivers the precast walls to the construction site and installs them. This includes ensuring that the walls are properly aligned and secured.

Products and Services

We offer a wide range of products including precast wallsretaining wallssound barriers, and security walls. Our precast walls are available in various designs and finishes to suit different architectural styles and applications.

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